web-penguin mauro franzoni
open source software

a CLI-like web interface for database management with history and scripting capabilities
a web interface for tables dumping/uploading to/from CSV files (requires WySQL)
a web interface to create and play HTML forms, collect data in SQL tables and save them as CSV (requires WySQL and WyCSV)
WyCode (alpha release - under development!)
a PHP code and database access analizer (requires WySQL)
a web publishing system for events and schedules (requires WySQL and, optionally, WyCSV)
a core database and software for birdwatchers and ornithologists to develop software, data and knowledge
a forum frameset for problem tracking and discussions
httpdwatch (beta release - under development!)
an apache web server's log file parser and analyzer
SIn (beta release - under development!)
a system and distribution independet interface for managing software installation (source tar.gz)
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