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Whiskey before breakfast
Lark in the morning
The rights of men
Off to California
Turkey in the straw
Black nag
Campbell's farewell

The rose of Tralee [Wm P. Mulchinock]
A nation once again [Thomas Davis]
Whiskey in the jar

Apple blossom [© Dan Beimborn]
The Atholl Highlander
The rock and the wee pickle tow
The humours of Ballingary
The Blarney pilgrim

The banjo reel [© Dan Beimborn]
The Earl's chair
The concertina reel
Otter's holt
Cooley's reel
The Galway rambler
The Fermoy lasses
Drowsy Maggie

The minstrel boy
Molly Malone (cockles and mussels)
Finnigan's wake [Thomas Moore]
Old Skibbereen

Bryan O'Lynn
The Connaughtman's rambles
The top of Cork road
Donnybrook fair
The cliffs of Moher

The hare's foot
Johnny's wedding
The high road to Linton
The maid behind the bar
Maud Miller

The wild rover
The wearing of the green [Dion Boucicault]
(Lonely) Banna Strand
The old woman from Wexford

Fainne Oir Ort
Fair Jennies's jig [Peter Barnes]
Tom Ward's jig
The Kesh jig
The independence hornpipe
The kid on the mountain
The rocky road to Dublin
Denis Murphy's slide
Kieley's slide

The mooncoin jig
Over the hills to Runbush
The harvest home
The boys of Bluehill
Let down the blade and raise the small wheel [Liam Kelly]
The star above the garter
The king's jig
Scatter the mud

The Curragh of Kildare
Come to the bower
Sally gardens
The rising of the moon [J.K. Casey]
The Enniskillen dragoon [George Sigerson]
The clumsy lover

Tam Lin
Star of Munster
Farewell to Ireland
Donegal reel
Lilting Banshee
Morning dew